The manifestation, Seattle N30, was a historic day. We did not know we would make history, but we launched a new era of global action, solidarity, and analysis.

We also reawakened mass protest in the United States.

We will learn more about the political and personal significance of N30 through this project.

The 20-year anniversary is also an opportunity to honor our social movements, activists, courage, and dissent.

We ask and encourage you to prepare and manifest recognition and reflection on Saturday, November 30, 2019.

  • Organize a community celebration of N30, with activists telling their stories.
  • Gather friends to read aloud some of the contributions from this website.
  • Plan time to read what is posted here.
  • Take time to write about how your activism has affected your life and how you will honor it.
  • Make contact to an activist friend with whom you have lost contact, and make a date for a conversation on that day.
  • Attend an activist event, bringing the spirit and stories of N30 with you and share these with other activists.